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RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Floor Tile | Waterproof Floor Tile | Fireproof Flooring (ID:49751)

RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Floor Tile | Waterproof Floor Tile | Fireproof Flooring Because the fireproofing-waterproofing and artificial composite baseplate is compounded by inorganic materials through special process, RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Floor Tile has many advantages including environmental protection, odourless, tasteless, no exothermic, radiation-free, and no harm to human and animal, additionally most of the material are natural quartz powder, so it has fireproof, waterproof, insect-resistant, antimicrobial, heat-resistant, and sound-absorption functions. The solid wood skin matched with the artificial composite baseplate integrates effectively the high-grade feeling of solid wood. It not only is the texture of solid wood, but also has the outstanding performance of unique and efficient fireproofing, furthermore both composites offset the deformation, inflation and humps sticking out floor due to weather. RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Floor Tile can near directly close the cement ground, sticking wall body, and traditional composite flooring, so its installation is very convenient. RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Floor Tile has passed the strict tests from many different countries, and gotten the test reports from them, moreover has been exported to 32 different countries such as the United States, Australia, France, and United Kingdom. RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Floor Tile emerged broke the embarrassing situation of mutual generation and restriction between the geothermal system and the flooring. RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Floor Tile uses the composite materials with high quality as baseplate, which has the good performances including small coefficient of thermal conductivity, and expansion on heating and contraction on cooling, thus RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Floor Tile is created the best partner with the geothermal system. It can make people enjoy not only the warmth of geothermal system, but also the feeling of noble comfortable brought from RYMAX Laminated Magnesium Floor Tile in the application of geothermal system, additionally there is qualitative difference with the traditional flooring whether fireproof or mothproof, mouldproof, waterproof performances. Features: * Environmental protection: Its formaldehyde released for 0.2mg/L is much lower than the strict demand (reach E0 standard) for the formaldehyde quantity released of artificial flooring from all over the world. The product manufacturing technology is in the leading position around the world; the product is tasteless, non-toxic, no radiation, no formaldehyde and no benzene, so no harm to food and human body. * Fireproof: reaches GB8624-1997 grade A incombustible standard, flame retardant limit more than 4 hours. * Waterproof: no deformation, softening, mouldy or decay due to moisture, steam and damp. * Light Weight: small building load. * Super strong performance: impact resistance, bending, high flexural strength, good toughness and rigidity. * Easy installation: can be sawn, planed, nailed, and drilled. * Durable performance: anti-corrosion, insect-resistant, pressure-resistant and anti-acid performances make the service life long. * Temperature Insulation: good insulation and low temperature resistance performance. * Economy: saves working hours, area and auxiliary materials. * Soundproof: sound-proof effect is nearly 40 decibels. Product Picture: http://i.imgur.com/78rX7xx.jpg Product Details: http://www.gzrymax.com/enshowproduct.asp?id=509 Demanded products: ---------------------------------------------------------------- 45431100-8 Floor-tiling work.

Dátum zverejnenia: 28.11.2015
Dátum platnosti: 28.12.2016

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