PAID SERVICE - Check your partner tool is designed to verify business contacts quickly and efficiently. It contains regularly updated information about any records in the risk register of debtors, bankrupts etc. and monitors whether or not the company has a record in the risk register (execution, bankruptcy, receivables, record of bankruptcy, etc.). It also provides the information about connections of a specific person in individual companies as well as in what companies has the company interests or if it figures in the Board of directors, etc. “Check your partner” monitors property connections through the person. There are more than 2.9 million people of the Czech Republic and 900,000 people of Slovakia in the database.


  • enhanced economic information on individual companies
  • checking the reliability of the VAT payer / it eliminates the risk of  liability of the recipient of taxable transactions pursuant to Act No. 502/2012 Coll./
  • regularly updated information about any records in risk registers
  • financial analysis of the company based on the development of economy indicators

ekonomické údaje z databáze Ověř Partnera

Don’t wait if your client will pay you but reduce the risk of your business solution in forward.  Use a unique tool for quick check of company riskiness.  “Check your partner” helps mostly to small and medium-sized companies to capture potential risk and insolvent business partners in time.


  • information on all memberships in statutory boards of the individual person
  • information about all ownership interests of the individual person
  • it also includes historical participation of the individual person in companies 
  • it allows to analyze property and personal connections between companies

 Ověř partnera - SLEDOVÁNÍ VAZEB

The Binding service allows you to have an unlimited overview about the bindings of people in statutory bodies of the company. With this service you will find out in which other companies is the individual person engaged or what property bindings of the person exist between the company monitored by you and other companies on the market.


  • a tool for tool for creating a list of companies according to:
    • turnover
    • profit
    • number of employees
  • more specify criteria 
    • field of business / NACE /
    • region
    • period of results

 Ověř partnera - žebříčky

Charts module simply displays the status of the company within its competition. You will find out how the company stands among the other companies in the field or what status within the region, district or the whole republic company has for the monitoring period.

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