1) The introductory part of the profile - logo, address, identification numbers
2) Contact information that involves information about branches
3) Map
4) Activity description and classification according to the international NACE, CPA, CPV branch codes
5) Products, services and trademarks
6) Legal and ownership relations
7) Management
8) Economy characteristics
9) International activities of the company
10) Other company presentations (references, press releases, certificates)

There is summary of the entered search criteria for the selection in the heading of each company profile. Buttons in the heading allow you to change the criteria or start a new search.

Navigation elements placed on the left side of the company profile are designed to work with the profile letting you print it out or insert it into the export or add a note to the profile. Some of these features are only available to paying or registered users. If the service is not currently active it is presented as gray and inactive.

The introductory part of the profile
In the first part of the profile there is the name of the company, its Registration No, VAT No., address, postal address and invoicing address. If this is the client company profile then there is a logotype of the company displayed.

Contact Information
There are phones, faxes, e-mails and web sites given in the contact information. There is also an information about what language can company representatives communicate. If the company has its branch offices as retails or shops those are listed in this section.

A preview of the map of the company's headquarters is available in this section including the exact indicator of the seat position. In some cases there is also a real view of the headquarters of a company provided by Google Streetview. There is also an exact LAT/LON coordinates location of the subject as a part of the information in this section together with the navigation service that will find you the optimal route to the company seat after the setting the start point.

Activity description and field classification according to NACE, SKP, CPV international codes
Third part shows the activity of the company and its field and product classification according to NACE and SKP / CPV.
CPV product codes have an active name /valid only for signed-in users/ that is used as a link to the companies with the same field classification. For example if you click on the Charouz s.r.o. code that is 34000000-7 Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, you will see a list of all companies that are also assigned under this code. By clicking on the product code you will cancel the previous search query. To have a complete list of the CPV and NACE classification - download here.

Products, services and brands
Products, services and brands are the fourth part of profile that are showing activities of the company. As first you can see brands which can be displayed either with logotype or just with a name of the brand. Then the products and services of the company follows. Individual products and services can be divided into groups.

If the product is described in detail its name is in this part of the company profile also used as a link to this description. When clicking on the product name a new window pops up with the name of the product, its description, the warranty period, contacts and links to more information. At the bottom part of the product window you can find a drop-down menu with the list of all company products. By selecting another product from the drop-down menu will information about it be automatically displayed in the current window. If there is a photo of the product then this information is indicated by a camera icon in the list.

Legal and ownership relations
This section provides information on the legal form, ownership type and year of establishment of the company (or its transformation). There are also details of the owners and statutory bodies and if the company has interests in other companies they are listed here as well.

There are managers, managing directors, directors, head officers, etc.. For each entry there is the name, job position, field of responsibility or direct e-mail and other telecommunications data.

Economy charakteristics
Among economic characteristics you can find a list of banks in which the company has its account, accounting year, turnover and company capital. Undoubtedly the most interesting information is the information about number of employees, turnover and profit. These data are clearly summarized in the table under each year (turnover is given in millions of crowns). There are graphs under the table that show whole development of the company over periods. Further down below the column graphs you can find folded column graphs. Those assign the company into group by turnover or number of employees according to their relation tothe group.

International company activities
Here is the information about countries of export and import of the company. Also share of the total export or share of the total inputs in case of import are included if known.

Other company presentation
Other company presentation is the last part of the profile. This includes Company references, Press Releases and Certificates. There is an information abour contracts realized by the company in References. In Press Releases there is a list of reports that have been published in the database. To view a detail if available you just click on the active name of the certain item.

Provider of this portal is an editor of many other kinds of certificates and valuations. If the company owns any certificate issued byDun and Bradstreet this information is available at the upper partt of Certicates section. If the company doesnt own any certificate this part shows the list of basic issued certificates. There is a possibility to check if the company meets the criteria for obtaining one of them by clicking on hypertext link.

In case the company owns certificate issued by another provider there is always its name given or if validity or certificating company is available then this information is here as well. You can view the detail by clicking on the certification name or if there is a picture that can be viewed as well (also indicated by a camera icon).

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