Since 1991 we have monitored and regularly updated information about the Slovak economy entities - their contact information, information about management, activities, brands, references, products and services, certifications or economic results. The number of entities managed in our database exceeded the number 1532000 in 2014. The database is currently the most extensive business B2B database in Slovakia.

Verified and processed information about monitored companies are distributed to our customers as products and modular business programs. These are developed not only to work with data optimally but also to present our customers, their success and results in the field where their offer is processed among demands of other companies and their managers.

EDB database allows you to watch partner or competitive companies by using variety of criteria such as profit or turnover of these companies or the number of employees, etc. These are possible to combine in any way. To senior managers this application also offers opportunity to create their own list of monitored companies that they can monitor without any other search or export them to the xls file. For those companies that are themselves the object of monitoring by EDB application there is an option to on-line edit their company profile, to enrich the basic data with press releases or display their quality certificates of the sold goods. By using the additional applications it is possible to display the own offer of goods or search for products and services necessary for other company development. For those managers that are aware of the importance of quality information about significant companies can EDB application become a valuable tool for market orientation.

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