2020 Bisnode became part of Dun & Bradstreet.

2013 The same website designed for all Bisnode companies in 19 countries.

2012 European databank and Soliditet brands are placed under Bisnode Slovakia Ltd. company. The new website is launched which involves these brands.

2011 Bisnode Slovakia Ltd. begins to sell the WLW brand. It´s a professional search engine of products and services with more than 40 000 product and service groups. There are some news in presentation part of European databank brand such as presentation of the QR code, presentation of map positions and presentation of advertising button. There are also some news in the brand´s information part where new entries of search criteria were added. Two CD-ROMs were replaced by one DVD with a complete database of Slovak companies.

2011 Creditinfo Slovakia, Ltd. company changes its name to Soliditet, Ltd. and becomes a member of the prestigious Scandinavian group with a history dating back to 1908. The owner of Creditinfo Slovakia, Ltd. becomes Bisnode AB company which is a leading provider of digital business information and information to support decision-making with an emphasis on local focus in Europe. Bisnode company was founded in 1989 and currently employs more than 3 000 employees in 17 European countries.

2008 Launching of the new EURODATA module with nearly 2 million of company profiles of 16 European countries. Than the new project in collaboration with LMC, Ltd. company which is a provider of www. website is launched as well as another project called PUBLIC CONTRACTS. Service concerning writing and editing of own notes to company profiles is activated for EDB clients. European databank is moving to new premises.

2008 SCHUFA Holding AG company based in Germany and Creditinfo Group hf agreed to establish a joint venture Creditinfo SCHUFA GmbH. 

Creditinfo Group hf became 100% owner of Creditinfo Slovakia, Ltd.

2007 Launching of the new Czech and Slovak B2B portal that allows browsing of databases of BISNODE Slovakia, Ltd. and HBI Czech Republic. Cooperation with Conan, Ltd. Zilina  - the largest seller of GPS navigation in Slovakia. EDB clients appear in Garmin navigation systems.

2005 Albertina data, Ltd. company (CR) and Creditinfo Group hf which are the owners of  Creditinfo Czech Republic, Ltd. founded a subsidiary company based in Slovakia. Creditinfo Slovakia, Ltd, is entered in the Commercial Register on 19.12.2005.

2004 Launching of Proodle - international database of companies which provides information on more than 1.4 million of companies from 16 countries of Europe. Starting of classification of companies according to CPV codes.

2004  Albertina data, Ltd. company cooperating with Creditinfo Group - the international group based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

2002 HBI Czech Republic, Ltd. enters the Slovak market by the acquisition of rights for the provision of European databank brand in Slovakia and thus a new company HOPPENSTEDT BONNIER INFORMATION Ltd. is created which still operates under the European databank brand. Also a new web module called EDB Euro is launched which allows registered users of this system to work with company databases of European countries in the Business to Business structure.

2001 European databank celebrates the 10th anniversary on the Slovak market.

1999 Formation of a new company called European Databank Ltd. which continues to provide information and presentation services.

1996 Albertina data, Ltd. company which operates in the Czech Republic since 1991 along with two other partners founded a subsidiary in Slovakia called Albertina data, Ltd., registered in the Commercial Register on 01.16.1996.

1994 In support of small and medium enterprises European databank begins cooperate with the European Commission becoming the official consultant for searching for business and manufacturing partners.

1993 Establishment of an independent company in the Slovak Republic called EDB - DATASERVIS SLOVAKIA, Ltd.

1992 Service line with a single telephone number 185; the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is covered by more than 50 business locations.

1992 Edition of the first commercial CD-ROM in the Czechoslovakia with data of Registry of organizations of the Federal Statistical Office; Merging with ICOME, Ltd. and the establishment of Albertina icome, Ltd. company.

1991 Establishment of EDB-DATASERVIS, Ltd, in Brno as a general representation of the former CSFR.

1991 Albertina Information Services Ltd. company is registered.

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