PAID SERVICE - this part of the data company profile is only available to paying database users. Access to the non-public part of the database can be ordered right here – when you purchase, "Marketing information" product.

By purchasin this product you can obtain:KOMPLETNÍ DATA

  • annual access to all company data at database
  • extended search possibilities – search according to
    • Reg. No.
    • Company name
    • Town (without post code)
    • District/Region
    • Legal form
    • CPV classification
    • NACE2 classification
    • Activity/Products, servicea/brands
    • Capital (using the operator)
    • Turnover (intervals)
    • Number of employees (intervals)
    • Country
    • Companies with a tephone number
    • Companies with a certificate
    • Companies with products
    • Companies with email
    • Companies with web
  • possibility to export data in the value of 5000 credits
  • possibility to save the pre-defined searches
  • possibility to save the search results


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Bisnode processes information about all business entities and entities linked to them in the Czech and Slovak Republics, that the business activities of these entities involved. It is primarily, but not exclusively, the publicly accessible data of partners or owners, directors, members of statutory and supervisory bodies of legal entities and published data of other business entities to which they have been assigned an local ID according to the law of that country. Detailed processing information is available at