PAID SERVICE - this part of the data company profile is only available to paying database users. Access to the non-public part of the database can be ordered right here when you purchase, "Marketing information" product.

By purchasin this product you can obtain:KOMPLETN DATA

  • annual access to all company data at database
  • extended search possibilities search according to
    • Reg. No.
    • Company name
    • Town (without post code)
    • District/Region
    • Legal form
    • CPV classification
    • NACE2 classification
    • Activity/Products, servicea/brands
    • Capital (using the operator)
    • Turnover (intervals)
    • Number of employees (intervals)
    • Country
    • Companies with atephone number
    • Companies with a certificate
    • Companies with products
    • Companies with email
    • Companies with web
  • possibility to export data in the value of 5000 credits
  • possibility to save the pre-defined searches
  • possibility to save the search results

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