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Pavel Vigaš - VIMAR VAT: SK1020548001VAT nr.: 1020548001
Príboj 796
Slovenská Ľupča
976 13
Mail address
M. Čulena 25
Banská Bystrica
974 01
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Contact data

048 4187022


048 4187022

048 4187159

Languague of correspondence: Slovak, German, English, Polish, Russian
Office hours: po-pi 7.00-15.00
GPS coordinates:
Lat 48.766670
Lon 19.272712
Route Planning:
Activity description and Branche codes merging

Development, production, sale:
- ecology heating boilers (boiler), phyrolytic combustion of paper pulp and VIGAS lignite (hot water boilers, hot air boilers, combined boilers to burn coal and wood)
- exhaust fan (used to restrict leakage of gas into the space)
- installation, service and maintenance is provided by our dealers



Branche codes SKP:
28.22.12 Kotle ústredného kúrenia


Branche codes CPV 2007:
42160000-8 Boiler installations
42515000-9 District heating boiler


Products, services and brand names
Products on the portal
Boiler plants with underfeed stoking(manufacturer, distributor, services)
Fans (blowers) (manufacturer, distributor, services)
High efficiency boilers, condensing (manufacturer, distributor, services)
Central heating boilers(manufacturer, distributor, services)
Central heating boilers fired with wood and wood shavings(manufacturer, distributor, services)
Central heating boilers for billet wood combustion(manufacturer, distributor, services)
Gasified wood-fired boilers (manufacturer, distributor, services)
Heating boiler accessories(manufacturer, distributor, services)
Legal and ownership relationships
Legal form:
Podnikateľ - fyzická osoba - nezapísaný v obchodnom registri
Ownership type:
Private enterprise
Formation date:


Owners and statutory boards
Name / companyPositionContactInterest (%)
Vigaš Pavel Banská Bystrica Slovensko


NamePositionBrancheE-mailTelecomunication data
Vigaš PavelMan'r.
Economic data
Všeobecná úverová banka, Banská Bystrica, 472145312/0200
Business year:
1.1 - 31.12


Economic data:
Turnover(K EUR)00
Profit(K EUR)00



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Structure of slovak companies according to turnover
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valuation based on a unique data analysis company Bisnode D&B. Part of the award is also getting a unique international DUNS number.

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Certifikát preukázania zhody
Expiration date: 15.11.2006
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