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KINEKUS, s.r.o.


KINEKUS spol. s r.o.

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Rosinská cesta 13
010 08
Mail address
Rosinská cesta 13
010 08
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041 5555500

041 5555510

041 5555509

041 5555504

041 5555505

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041 5005045

041 5005041



Languague of correspondence: Slovak
Office hours: for registered users only
for registered users only
GPS coordinates:
Lat 49.202158
Lon 18.76994
Route Planning:
Activity description and Branche codes merging


Branche codes SKP:
51.4 Veľkoobchod s tovarom pre domácnosť
51.43.11 Veľkoobchod s elektrickými prístrojmi pre domácnosť
51.43.12 Veľkoobchod s osvetľovacími zariadeniami
51.44.11 Veľkoobchod s nožiarskym tovarom a železiarskym tovarompre domácnosť
51.44.12 Veľkoobchod so skleneným, porcelánovým a hrnčiarskymtovarom
51.54.1 Veľkoobchod so železiarskym tovarom, inštalatérskym akúrenárskym materiálom, zariadením a pomocným materiá$lom
51.54.11 Veľkoobchod so železiarskym tovarom
51.54.13 Veľkoobchod s ručným náradím
52.72 Opravy elektrických spotrebičov pre domácnosť
60.24 Doprava cestná nákladná
60.24.16 Preprava volne loženého tovaru cestnými vozidlami


Branche codes CPV 2007:
60100000-9 Road transport services
14820000-5 Glass (and related articles)
44510000-8 Tools
39220000-0 Kitchen equipment, household and domestic items and catering supplies (plastic)
16000000-5 Agricultural machinery
39700000-9 Domestic appliances
42000000-6 Industrial machinery
43000000-3 Machinery for mining, quarrying, construction equipment
39300000-5 Miscellaneous equipment
34900000-6 Miscellaneous transport equipment and spare parts
35000000-4 Security, fire-fighting, police and defence equipment
43300000-6 Construction machinery and equipment
39710000-2 Electrical domestic appliances
55900000-9 Retail trade services (horticultural products)
39142000-9 Garden furniture
42214110-3 Grills
44523000-2 Hinges, mountings and fittings
43413100-2 Cement mixers
44423200-3 Ladders
44212310-5 Scaffolding


Products, services and brand names
Brand names:







Products on the portal
Compact tractors (distributor, wholesaler)
Garden equipment(distributor, wholesaler)
Horticultural supplies (distributor, wholesaler)
Horticultural machines(distributor, wholesaler)
Garden supplies(distributor, wholesaler)
Gardening tools (distributor, wholesaler)
Chimney stoves(distributor, wholesaler)
Window and door fittings(distributor, wholesaler)
Bathroom furniture(distributor, wholesaler)
Medicine cabinets for bathrooms (distributor, wholesaler)
Kitchen furniture(distributor, wholesaler)
Kitchenettes (distributor, wholesaler)
Outdoor and garden tables (distributor, wholesaler)
Sink units (distributor, wholesaler)
Kitchen counter-tops (distributor, wholesaler)
Commercial kitchen fittings(distributor, wholesaler)
Commercial kitchen equipment(distributor, wholesaler)
Commercial kitchen supplies(distributor, wholesaler)
Small wire utensils(distributor, wholesaler)
Enamelled utensils(distributor, wholesaler)
Cookware (distributor, wholesaler)
Household appliances and kitchen utensils (distributor, wholesaler)
Wooden kitchen utensils(distributor, wholesaler)
Household items made of plastic(distributor, wholesaler)
Bathroom rug sets(distributor, wholesaler)
Plastic components for kitchen and household(distributor, wholesaler)
Bath tub accessories(distributor, wholesaler)
Pneumatic tools, manual(distributor, wholesaler)
Lawn and garden pumps, irrigation pumps(distributor, wholesaler)
Central heating boilers(distributor, wholesaler)
Electric hand drills(distributor, wholesaler)
Box column drilling machines(distributor, wholesaler)
Bench drilling machines(distributor, wholesaler)
Woodworking machinery (distributor, wholesaler)
Diamond saw blades(distributor, wholesaler)
Electrician's tools(distributor, wholesaler)
Electric tools(distributor, wholesaler)
Tools for installation, plumbing and heating installation(distributor, wholesaler)
Grinding wheels(distributor, wholesaler)
Cutting-off wheels(distributor, wholesaler)
Barrels of plastics(distributor, wholesaler)
Trade in tools (distributor, wholesaler)
Bathrooms, exclusive(distributor, wholesaler)
Central heating boilers fired with biomass fuel(distributor, wholesaler)
Home accessories(distributor, wholesaler)
Plant protection fleece (distributor, wholesaler)
Plastic kitchen articles (distributor, wholesaler)
Kitchen utensils (distributor, wholesaler)
Legal and ownership relationships
Legal form:
Limited liability company
Ownership type:
for registered users only
Formation date:
for registered users only


Owners and statutory boards
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Economic data
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Business year:
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Economic data:
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Structure of slovak companies according to employees count
Structure of slovak companies according to turnover
Other company presentations (references, press releases, certificates)
Member of
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Internationally recognized certificate with a history since 1908 evaluate the companies and institutions using a unique rating

The membership in this prestigious purely Czech registry enhances company image and provides better conditions for all types of credit services.

valuation based on a unique data analysis company Bisnode D&B. Part of the award is also getting a unique international DUNS number.

The certificate informs about reliability and minimal risk in making business from the rated company s performance of obligations point of view.

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