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FENESTRA SK, spol. s r.o. VAT: for registered users onlyVAT nr.: for registered users only
Žitná 27
831 06
Mail address
Žitná 27
831 06
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Contact data

02 44649094

02 49207211

02 44649095


02 44649096

02 49207210



Languague of correspondence: Slovak
Office hours: for registered users only
for registered users only
GPS coordinates:
Lat 48.2089587
Lon 17.1552649
Route Planning:
Activity description and Branche codes merging
Other companies with similar type of activity:
MAPAX, s.r.o. Bratislava
KALYPSO SK, spol. s r.o. Bratislava 5
Peter Sladký Bratislava
Ing. Bruno Bezák Bratislava
KALYPSO, spol. s r.o. Bratislava 5


Branche codes SKP:
25.23.14 Dvere, okná, rámy, rolety apod.výrobky z plastov aich diely
28.12.1 Dvere, okná a ich rámy a dverné prahy, zo železa,oceli alebo hliníka


Branche codes CPV 2007:
44221200-7 Doors (plastic, aluminium)
44221100-6 Windows (aluminium, plastic)
44221000-5 Windows, doors and related items (aluminium)
44212320-8 Miscellaneous structures (aluminium)
44212300-2 Structures and parts (iron, steel, aluminium)
44221400-9 Shutters (aluminium)
44221110-9 Window frames (aluminium)
44221240-9 Garage doors
44221310-1 Access gates
39515430-8 Venetian blinds
45421145-2 Installation work of roller blinds
45421100-5 Installation of doors and windows and related components
45451300-6 Interior gardens
39525500-3 Mosquito nets
45421130-4 Installation of doors and windows
45421132-8 Installation of windows
44221211-7 Door frames
45421131-1 Installation of doors
45443000-4 Facade work
44115400-3 Skylights
44221212-4 Door screens
44221213-1 Door thresholds
44221500-0 Thresholds


Legal and ownership relationships
Legal form:
Limited liability company
Ownership type:
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Formation date:
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Owners and statutory boards
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Economic data
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Business year:
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Economic data:
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Other company presentations (references, press releases, certificates)
Member of
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The membership in this prestigious purely Czech registry enhances company image and provides better conditions for all types of credit services.

valuation based on a unique data analysis company Bisnode D&B. Part of the award is also getting a unique international DUNS number.

The certificate informs about reliability and minimal risk in making business from the rated company s performance of obligations point of view.

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